miniDAWN/microDAWN (NEON) Firmware

Install the latest version of miniDAWN/microDAWN (NEON) firmware (v3.2.5) for optimal performance of your instrument.

Release Notes describe firmware improvements.

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  • Fixed: The laser now turns back on after the hood is closed during a collection (TT#18765).
  • Fixed: Warn the user that the laser cannot be turned on for thirty seconds after DLS is turned off (TT#18809).
  • Added: The main graph on the front panel now has an auto-scale button (S-05872).
  • Updated: The health indicators are disabled when the laser interlock alarm is triggered and are reinitialized when the alarm is turned off (D-05396).
  • Updated: The graphs on the front panel automatically scroll when zoomed in if there are more than two hours of data (S-05590).
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue where the temperature displays -50C when the temp probe is disconnected. It now displays an appropriate message (D-03228).
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue where the log database can be corrupted when requested by CheckPlus (D-01505).
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue where the laser will go into idle mode when it is switched off instead of turning off (D-03520).
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue where the validation of custom axis scales can be wrong on the front panel when modified (D-03321).
  • Fixed: Addressed an issue where the values for parameters on the front panel can display the wrong data (D-03253).

If you cannot connect to your instrument, see Firmware Update Connection Assistance.