DynaPro Plate Reader II Firmware

Install the latest version of Plate Reader II firmware (v2.0.6.14) for optimal performance of your instrument.

Release Notes describe firmware improvements.

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  • Improved accuracy of the refraction-corrected DLS detector angle. (#17628)
  • Improved detection of avalanche photodiode detector (APD) errors. They were being over-reported. This error can only occur when the laser is off. If present, these errors are visible in the Alarms tab in the log on the front panel. (#14702)
  • Fixed an unexpected correlator error that was causing the instrument to reboot. (#16561)
  • Increased default brightness levels for the camera. (#15567)

  • When restarting the instrument from the System tab of the front panel (a soft reboot), you may see an error dialog from svchost.exe, similar to "The instruction at xxx referenced memory at yyy. The memory could not be 'read'". You can disregard this message, and the instrument will continue the restart process (#11780).
  • When the Plate Reader II attempts to start the camera while DYNAMICS is acquiring data, the connection may be lost and commands may be blocked (#11168).

If you cannot connect to your instrument, see Firmware Update Connection Assistance.