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    Multi-Angle: September 2020

    Discover how to optimize your analysis of viral vectors by reading our latest E-book.

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    Multi-Angle: August 2020

    Learn about the latest version of ASTRA, our versatile SEC-MALS software.

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    Multi-Angle News – July 2020

    Read our latest white paper, "Characterizing Vaccines with Light Scattering."

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    Multi-Angle News – June 2020

    Learn about the recent advances in the characterization and quantification of viral vectors by reading Dr. Michelle Chen's latest article in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

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    Multi-Angle News – May 2020

    In our latest podcast, Dr. Christoph Johann discusses the benefits of coupling light scattering online, FFF’s role in the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

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    Multi-Angle News – April 2020

    Download our biologics brochure or visit our new vaccine solutions page.

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    Multi-Angle News – March 2020

    Sign up for our upcoming webinar with Dr. Michelle Chen on "Quantifying Viral Vector Attributes with Light Scattering."

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    Multi-Angle News – February 2020

    We are pleased to highlight Chapter 16 in Springer Protocol's Methods in Molecular Biology book series.

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    Multi-Angle News – January 2020

    Wyatt’s outstanding field support team spans the globe. This month we introduce the North American crew.

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    Multi-Angle News – December 2019

    Introducing ultraDAWN - a breakthrough in process analytical technology for nanoparticle, biopharmaceutical and polymer production.

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    Multi-Angle News – November 2019

    PLGA is a versatile biodegradable polymer, with medical applications from drug delivery to wound dressings.

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    Multi-Angle News – October 2019

    With recent regulatory approvals and many ongoing clinical trials, determining critical quality attributes of AAV-based gene vectors is more important than ever.

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    Multi-Angle News – September 2019

    Read the new application note: "Fusion-protein complexes analyzed by CG-MALS."

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    Multi-Angle News – August 2019

    Grab your popcorn and check out Wyatt’s monthly webinar series or search our vast on-demand library by application or technique!

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    Multi-Angle News – July 2019

    Comprehensive characterization of liposomes is essential for rapid and effective pharmaceutical product development as well as for regulatory approval. In our latest white paper, we discuss how FFF-MALS-DLS characterizes lipid nanoparticles and liposomes.

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    Multi-Angle News – June 2019

    Introducing the Accessories and Services Guide detailing system options for peak performance of your Wyatt instrumentation.

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    Multi-Angle News – May 2019

    Is it time for an upgrade? Take advantage of our special trade-in offers!

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    Multi-Angle News – April 2019
    Recently, a SEC-MALS method incorporating DAWN and Optilab detectors was developed to quantify a number of biophysical attributes of mRNA. Read more in our latest application note by Dr. Pam Wang, Rama Akula, Dr. Michelle Chen, and Kristine Legaspi.
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    Multi-Angle News – March 2019

    Wyatt is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation on-line instruments. With an all-new, innovative Smart Services™ platform and modern design, we have fully transformed these instruments to deliver greater ease-of-use and an improved customer experience.

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    Multi-Angle News – February 2019
    Need fast, absolute characterization of polymers? The new microViscoStar™ complements Wyatt’s MALS and RI detectors for UHPLC/APC. Determine molar mass, size and conformation, with 3x less mobile phase and 5x less time.
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    Multi-Angle News – January 2019
    Our new eCommerce store is now available for customers in the US and Canada. By creating an account on the Wyatt Technology Store website, you can easily order replacement parts and accessories online. Check out and register for an account today!
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    Multi-Angle News – December 2018
    In this interview by, Dr. John Champagne was asked about the new DynaPro® Plate Reader III. He described the product’s added capabilities for assessing developability and stability of biologics.
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    Multi-Angle News – November 2018
    Our comprehensive service plans are designed to provide you with hassle-free preventative maintenance and service to keep your instruments running at their best. Spend less time focused on service requests and stay more productive in the lab!
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    Multi-Angle News – October 2018
    Exosomes and related membrane vesicles carry an array of biologically functional macromolecules, including proteins, genetic material, metabolites and lipids.
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    Multi-Angle News – September 2018
    Already a Wyatt customer? Our technical notes provide step-by-step instructions and tips for how to get the most out of your instrumentation. You can find technical notes on our Support Center.

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